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St. Lucia’s climate is always agreeable, the temperature ranges from 26°C (78°F) to 29°C (84°F). The average water temperature throughout the year is 28°C (82°F)


Gros Piton – 2.5Km from Kaye Mango

Hike to the top of the island on World Heritage Gros Piton and you will be rewarded with a stunning view. Gros Piton is 768 m (2619 ft) high with a diameter of 3 km at the base. The Pitons are home to at least 148 plant species. Kaye Mango’s property manager can help you book a tour guide.

Tet Paul Nature Trail, Soufriere – 3km from Kaye Mango

The hike is roughly 45 min long and is rated as moderate. Reaching the final point, you will face an unbeatable view of the Pitons and Caribbean Sea. Need a guide.


Anse L’ivrogne Beach – 25 min walk from Kaye Mango

An unspoiled beach inhabited mostly by fisher men.  The beach is known as the  “black hole” due to the underwater drop of 600m.

SugarBeach (former Jalouise) – 12Km from Kaye Mango

A  wonderful white sand beach at the base of the Pitons  with  an  amazing snorkelling site.

Laborie Beach – 15km  from Kaye Mango

Relatively unexplored by tourists,  a long sandy beach  with calm waters .

Rain Forest

Rain Forest – 6 km from Kaye Mango

A huge variety of tropical flower including hibiscus, poinciana, frangipani, orchids, jasmine and bougainvillea can be found here along with ancient trees that grow more than 100 feet tall are covered with mosses and ferns. There is limited animal life. The mongoose is commonly found in Saint Lucia. There are several varieties of reptile including lizards, iguanas and caimans.

Need a guide. 

Zipline in North of the island, please visit  www.stluciaziplinning.com

Drive-in volcano

Sulphur  Springs – 6km from Kaye Mango

Scientists believe that during the last ice age all the Caribbean Islands formed a land bridge that linked Florida with Venezuela. The landmass was submerged by the sea in a series of volcanic eruptions.

Sulphur Springs is seven acre crater.  Walking through the crater you will pass by bubbling mud and steam from the volcano and a persistent eggy smell of sulphur. If you want to get dirty, you can use the mud  full of minerals for your joints   and rinse it in the hot water pool.

No need for a guide .


Botanical Garden

Diamond  Botanical Gardens Waterfall 12 km from Kaye Mango

The Botanical Garden  has a big variety of tropical flowers, lush wines and  enormous trees. In addition  to the garden beauty , the refreshing cascade falling from 50 m up  can be used as a shower after dipping in a mineral bath.

Piton Falls – 10 km from Kaye Mango

On the way to Sugar Beach is the Piton Falls. Warm mineral water cascades 30 feet into a pool below. You can relax in the warm waters in one of the 3 mineral pools.

No need for a guide .


All distances are approximate.